Appalachian Trail Book

This astonishing story chronicles Paralee’s amazing hike, from a woman’s prospective, as she puts one foot in front of the other, day-after-day, challenging herself beyond her comfort zone. You can share the mental and physical challenges she experienced as she would hike continually, without any contact with civilization, for days or months at a time. Her daily journal reveals the struggles of spending continuous days, on a long-distance hike.

Trapper Lee on Katahdin

Paralee’s journal breaks all the rules. Her theme is “Hiking the Appalachian Trail”. Journaling is different; there are no rules, no rights or wrongs. She is absolutely free to express herself. The Appalachian Trail is her writing prompt. Her focus is on content not form, quickly writing down the day’s events.

Living a Dream is Paralee’s journal which includes her thoughts, experiences, and observations as she hiked along the Appalachian Trail, continuously for several months. After a very long day of incessant hiking, the chore of setting up camp for the night, and finally crawling into her tent with pen and a piece of scrap paper she would begin writing freely her thoughts for the day giving a good report of the countryside, the landscape, plant and animal life, human activity, historical sites, and useful advice for future hikers and campers.
Throughout Living a Dream you will find remarkable information about the origin of the Appalachian Trail, updates, resources and advice for being a successful hiker as you explore your own adventure.

Her competitive nature sometimes got her in trouble as she pushed to arrive at camp in a timely manner exhausted and sometimes too tired to fire up the stove. She knew her destiny was with a greater power and her final destination was to reach Katahdin in Maine.

Paralee shared her adventure with her sister Lorelei “LaTripper” Schild for the first seven-hundred miles. LaTripper made for some humorous moments for all the hikers.




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